We design with the intent that our styles will last a lifetime, are not disposable, and don’t become obsolete with the changing of the seasons. We are timeless, with purpose; in each product’s aesthetic so that they transcend trends, but importantly also in manufacturing with integrity so that our products stand the test of time.

Quality is our utmost priority. We ensure our garments fit and perform exactly as they need to. We work in close partnership with our manufacturers to maintain the high quality we expect of ourselves, and you have come to expect of us.

Our Design

Fundamental to our business model is striving for long-lasting design – in style, quality and durability. This is the foundation of our brand and a priority in all our decisions.

Our brand ethos is to be simple, considered and timeless with purpose; to produce designs that transcend trends and seasons, with the intent they will last a lifetime, are not disposable and don’t become obsolete with the changing of seasons.

We are committed to responsible consumption and cultivating sustainable buying habits with our customers.



Nylon is a strong, resilient fibre, quick drying with excellent performance characteristics, making it ideal for our swimwear. Our swimwear is made with Econyl, a 100% Nylon yarn made from waste, including waste from fishing nets from the ocean, fabric scraps and industrial plastic. Using a recycled nylon replaces the need for primary extraction of crude oil and waste materials are used to manufacture it, thereby reducing landfill disposal and creating a circular system.